First Steps

I've been involved in an accident and it was my fault, I am not sure what to do next?

You have a choice. If you feel you want to claim on your insurance then contact our customer service team on 01782 315242, our advisors will take care of your claim.

I've contacted my insurance company, they say I have to use their approved repairer.

It is your right to use a repairer of your choice. Our claims advisor’s will assist you in contacting your insurer and specifying your choice.

The accident wasn't my fault and the person who damaged my car is wishing to pay. What should I do?

You have a choice. We can compile a fully priced estimate and contact the fault driver to discuss the prices. It may be turn out that the repairs are beyond the fault drivers budget, in this case our claims advisor’s will explain your best option.

The accident wasn't my fault and the insurance company of the person who damaged my car has been in contact wanting to collect my car, what should I do?

You have an option to accept the fault drivers insurance involvement. You may find your car is taken out of the area and to a repairer you have not heard of before. Our claims advisor’s can assist you in your none fault claim and arrange for a like for like replacement car. Call our advisor’s on 01782 315242 for assistance.

I need a courtesy car, do I qualify for one?

In most cases we will supply a courtesy car, it is very rare that any issues prevent us from doing so. If the accident wasn’t your fault you may qualify for a like for like replacement vehicle paid for by the fault drivers insurance company. Our claims advisor’s can help you with this, call us on 01782 315242 to discuss your options.

I am a fleet manager, can you deal with our company?

M&M have many partnerships throughout Staffordshire who are fleet operators. We have experience in dealing with large fleets of vehicles from claims handling and accident assistance. Contact our customer service staff who will assist and put you in touch with our Customer Service manager to arrange any needs your fleet requires.

I can't drive my car to you for repair, can you help?

Yes, we run a 24-7 recovery service in the event of an accident occurring outside of working hours, our call out number is 07973 887550. If it is just inconvenient within working hours then we run a free collection delivery service. Just call our customer service staff to arrange this.

I have an excess on my policy, who do I pay this to?

The excess amount on your policy is deducted from our final invoice to your insurance company so the excess must be collected by M&M.

The Repair Process

How long will it take to repair my car?

Every repair is different. We use a simple calculation to give us a guide on how long it will take based on estimated hours.

Your advisor's have given me an ECD (Estimated Completion Date), what does this mean?

An ECD (Estimated Completion Date) is really an approximate date we anticipate completion of your repairs. Once the repair process has started we may find additional damage which was hidden behind trims and body panels. Your car may need specialist diagnostics using equipment supplied to us by your vehicles manufacturer. Once repairs are close to completion we will connect your car to the diagnostic equipment to ascertain if there are any underlying electrical faults. This process can not be done until repairs are close to completion and all trims, panels re-fitted. So it is very difficult at the start of repairs to give a definate ECD.

I have other damage on my car I would like to have done, can this be done at the same time?

Our estimators can provide you with a quote for any additional damage whilst we are repairing your car. This makes perfect sense as in most cases you will already have a courtesy car or replacement hire vehicle allocated. Take advantage of this to ensure all your car is returned in pristine condition with far less inconvenience.

I would like to be informed of the progress of my repairs!

Our claims customer service staff will keep you informed of progress during the repair of your car. We can do this by telephone, email or SMS. Just inform our customer service staff your preference when your vehicle arrives for repair.

I only want my car to be repaired by a manufacturer approved bodyshop, do you hold any approvals?

Our approvals include: Mercedes, Smart, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Toyota, Lexus, Vauxhall, Nissan, Mazda, Citroen and Peugeot. The repair to your car holds the original warranty as supplied when it was new.

Are the M&M Staff qualified to repair my car?

All technicians undergo rigorous training throughout the year. The manufacturers hold several technical training courses throughout the year. Our staff attend these to ensure they have the knowledge to correctly repair your car.

Do M&M have the correct equipment to repair my car?

Yes, all tooling used at M&M is specified by the vehicle manufacturers. All tooling undergoes annual servicing and calibration to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Do M&M run diagnostic checks during the repair?

Where possible, diagnostic checks are undertaken before the repair to determine any fault codes logged in the vehicles control units. Vehicles today utilise the latest smart driving aids such as lane assistance, reversing aids, autonomous braking etc, it is important to know whether these systems have been affected by the accident damage. At the end of the repairs once all panels and trims are refitted a post diagnostic check is also done to clear any faults logged.

Your website says you hold a kitemark, what does this mean?

This means our work conforms to a British Standard. We undertake many unannounced audits throughout the year to ensure we meet the exacting standards required to gain the BSi kitemark. The audit tests people competance, tooling calibration, materials fit for purpose.

Is there a warranty on my repair?

Dependant on the vehicle age. If your vehicle is still within the manufacturer warranty period then we will warranty our repairs to the original manufacturer warranty period. If the vehicle is older and not under warranty with the manufacturer then we will apply a 3yr guarantee on labour – paintwork and the parts supplier guarantee on any parts fitted.

Repair Completion

I can't come to you to collect my finished repair, can you help?

Yes, call our customer service staff who will make arrangements to deliver your finished repair to home or to work.

I have an excess on my policy, who do I pay this to?

The excess amount on your policy is deducted from our final invoice to your insurance company so the excess must be collected by M&M.

I have a courtesy car supplied by M&M, do I need to fill the fuel tank before I hand it back?

You only have to replace the fuel you have used. You should have a copy of the courtesy car agreement which will have a section showing the level when it was loaned to you. You just need to return it with the same amount.

I have a replacement car supplied by a hire company, do I need to fill the fuel tank before I hand it back?

You should have a copy of the hire car agreement which will have a section regarding fuel. You will need to read the agreement as M&M have no control over hire cars which do not belong to M&M.

I have an issue with my repaired vehicle, who do I contact to discuss this?

You can contact us in several ways, email, on-line via our website or by telephone. Please see the options below:

  • email:

  • tel: Longton 01782 315242 or Leek 01538 385613

  • online: Simply click the “Contact Us” banner at the bottom of this webpage.

Can’t find an answer to your question? Please send your question below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible:

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Longton: 01782 315242     Leek: 01538 385613

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